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manufacturer of ore milling equipment

The ‘fail-to-commissioning’ of the pulverizer means that the stainless steel bearing of the boiler pulverizer maintains a stable state at a high temperature of over 60 ° C and does not cause a bearing due to the rapid temperature of the bearing temperature and the outlet oil temperature Where the vibration intensifies and then melt, there is the operation of the mill in the ’tile’ phenomenon. So customers want to choose a ‘trial delivery of the tile,’ the ore milling equipment, ore milling equipment manufacturers in the production of the machine put all the factors into the scope of consideration.

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In addition, the fineness of pulverized coal grinding is also related to the quality of power plant combustion. Therefore, the choice of ore milling equipment manufacturers should also take full account of word of mouth and industry production problems. Pulverized coal in the grinding machine to complete the work of grinding, the machine will be hot air blown into the boiler for full combustion, and coal combustion in the boiler will produce hot flue gas, these hot flue gas will flow around the boiler around the heat, And then follow-up separation of coal ash. Thermal power plant with medium-speed pulverizer for pulverized coal pulverized coal powder fineness and grinding efficiency has a very good protection, the fineness of the coal so much easier to burn in the boiler, can improve the use of coal Rate, reduce the possibility of environmental pollution.

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