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Make beautiful crafts with a cutting machine

In the industrial field, cut off disc for stainless steel has become a mainstream production method in sheet metal processing due to its high speed and high efficiency. But such a behemoth is not far from our life. The small items cut by 7” cut off disc for metalare always convenient for people and bring fun to life.

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Laser-cut metal fixtures General desk lamps take up a lot of space, and there is the possibility of accidentally knocking over the ground. The laser-cut folding luminaires are the ultimate in minimalism. Basically, all the unnecessary parts of the traditional light source are removed. They are made of only one piece of metal. They can be hung on the wall and occupy a small space. The shape is definitely a weapon to attract attention.

Laser-cut metal hooks a small metal hook, seemingly simple but can make full use of the back door space, is a home storage tool, using a laser cutting machine to cut metal materials, hollowed out villain, smart birds and flowers, any graphics are formed once With the step of opening the mold, laser cutting gives the metal hook more creativity.

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