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Main application of construction waste crusher equipment

Construction waste crushing equipment in addition to the supply of construction sand, but also can be applied to construction waste, building materials, high-rise buildings, road construction, water conservancy and other fields. Construction waste crusher can broken soft or hard and extremely hard materials. It is an indispensable sand making equipment in construction waste production line.

Performance advantage of construction waste crusher equipment
1. the discharge granularity is adjustable: when the construction waste disposal equipment work, can adjust the construction waste crusher equipment parameters to fix the size of the outlet. In addition, the machine is equipped with a screening device to ensure that it does not produce excessive wear and does not cause defective products to be mixed with finished products;

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2. high crushing capacity: construction waste crusher equipment due to the use of diamond combination impact blocks, thereby greatly improving the impact block wear resistance and sand making machine crushing capacity;

3. no pollution: construction waste crusher equipment using a vortex crushing cavity, when the work, the vortex cavity inside the smart air circulation, eliminating dust pollution, to meet the national environmental protection requirements;

4. energy-saving good: construction waste crusher equipment using hydraulic start-up of the new sand making machine, in energy saving than traditional sand making machine saves 50%.

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