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Looking to start a mastermind group in the San Diego area

Are you looking to make things happen?

Let’s create a mastermind of people that want to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Creating a climate that there is no one agenda accept the greater good of creating a climate where every time we get together we reach levels beyond all expectations. In this transparent exchange we will all be in the position as peers to walk away answering these questions to impact all our lives right now.

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1. What change do I need to embrace right now to create a better world locally, globally or internally?

2. What can I implement right now to create joy and prosperity?

3. How can I align with my true purpose on an ongoing basis?


• WE believe the world needs more simplification and less complication

• WE believe we can learn from everyone and the more we do the more peaceful we are

• WE believe we need more and more examples of greatness celebrated in 2 degrees of separation

• WE believe there is not only one way to do things (the right way or my way or your way)

• WE believe most of us are close but we just need a little guidance

• WE believe that most of us talk about how good we are instead of just letting our results speak for themselves

To get involved shoot me an e-mail

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