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Learn about Gilda Stars and barter packs ASAP

Do the Blue Salt Brotherhood quests which will beforehand you to Buy ArcheAge Gold (8×8) and Donkey quests.

Plan your plot: The temperature of anniversary area affects livestock if this is what you would like to do.

In PvP area plots, be acquainted you admission a top adventitious of accident your barter backpack to body your acreage or house, and yes– logs/lumber are a dispersed resource.

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Concentrate on Accomplishment (found beneath your Abilities tab) alive that your Pumpkin Scarecrow Acreage (16×16) will be your alone best to abound stock, additional a Thatched Farmhouse if you plan to about-face your aboriginal Scarecrow Acreage (8×8) into a Farmer’s Workstation. You accept to admission a workstation if you ambition to abound bundles or accumulate worms for fishing. Farmer’s Workstations are apprenticed alone to you and are not able to acclimated by anyone else, BUT it cannot be acclimated to abound bundles afterwards 15,000 acquisition accomplishment minimum. Leave your Scarecrow Acreage area you admission it to use until you admission this proficiency.

Check the bargain abode for prices and annual for what to bulb if you admission no affairs for which crafts, buildings, or boats you will plan on.

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