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Large and Medium Vibrating Screen

In 1980, Aggregate Crushing Solution imported the manufacturing technology of TJ and TH type vibrating screen from American RS Company, which are converted into the domestic models as YA Series circular vibrating screen and ZKX Series linear vibrating screen that are widely used in China. In 1996, Henan Mining Machinery introduced the manufacturing technology of the LSK series round vibrating screen and the TISL series linear vibrating screen from Germany. These two screening machines are the improved products from KHD Company in 1980s, in which USL linear vibrating screen is 5 meters wide. This shows that the manufacturing level of the large and medium vibrating screen in China has taken a big step. In addition, Henan Mining Machinery introduced the manufacturing technology of HLW vibrating screen from Kobe Steel in Japan, which was transformed to the domestic type as ZK series vibrating screen. The structure of this kind of vibrating screen is compact with light weight. The maximum size of the screening are is up to 27 ㎡, which is the largest liner vibrating screen in China.

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The 2YKH-2245 vibrating screen is the heavy vibrating screen designed and manufactured by Henan Mining Machinery. It is put into use in the open pit coal preparation plant in 1983 to replace the spiral screen for sculping gangue and grading the large and medium blocks, which has conducted innovations and practices for the heavy vibrating screen products. A lot of large equipments of Henan Mining Machinery are imported from the foreign countries. The super heavy screening equipment is needed to match for the equipment imported. In 1992, Henan Mining Machinery successfully developed the YAC-2460 super heavy vibrating screen, whose maximum feeding size can be up to 400mm with a capacity of 1000t/h. Good results have received after it has been put into use.

The domestic vibrating screens can be divided into circular vibrating screen, linear vibrating screen, oval vibrating screen, high frequency vibrating screen, high frequency vibrating fine screen, sieve bend, banana vibrating screen, probability screen, cold griddle, hot griddle and dewatering screen, which are more than 50 series and nearly 1000 kinds of specifications. The products have been widely used in many industries, such as metallurgy, mining, coal, electricity and building materials, which basically meet the needs of domestic economic construction. According to the industry survey in 2002, the screening machinery manufacturing enterprises have been more than 300.

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