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KIND THINGS TO DO . . . at home

KIND THINGS TO DO . . . at home

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  • A loving atmosphere in the home is most important, even if there is only one other person living there. Do what you can to promote a tranquil, harmonious atmosphere in the home.
  • You may like to consider having a ‘no-TV’ day or days. These days can be used to read, talk to the family, eat at a table, meditate, or whatever you never have time to do.
  • Do you have house rules? It helps to have some basic rules, particularly where young people are concerned. These can be simple things like a roster for washing or wiping up, putting things back where you find them, placing a new toilet roll nearby if the old one is soon going to be depleted, letting someone know if the milk, coffee, breakfast cereal, etc. is about to run out, who puts out the rubbish bin, and so on. For young people, the bed time should be clear and upheld, and that home work is to be completed, and if they have trouble with it, to ask for help. They are to be encouraged to advise you if they having trouble with their work at school, if they are being bullied, if there is a problem with a teacher. If everything a young person tells their parent is treated with respect and is thoughtfully talked over, the child will continue to confide in the parent/s. If a drama is created every time some little problem occurs, the child can’t be blamed for failing to pass on something that will create a negative response. We are not advocating that bad behaviour be ignored, but it should be treated in a calm and constructive way. Thus the problem will be solved, and if guidelines are given on how to handle such a thing in the future, it shouldn’t happen again.
  • Always, always, make time to talk with your children. When this happens, it involves listening. No matter how busy you are, you must listen carefully to what your children tell you. It can be done. The late Robert Holmes á Court was a very busy businessman, but was always attentive to his children, always interrupted what he was doing to listen to them.
  • In a conversation with anyone in the home, listen. If you are not sure of something, tell it as you understand it, and ask for validation.
  • Seek consensus from everyone in the house on decisions that will effect those in the house.

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