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kind of sand making machine introduce

A recent customers to contact us, to question us about HeLuanShi sand making equipment. Through communication we know, is now the all-round construction of rural road, the city plans to build 303.9 kilometers Village Road, 198.4 kilometers of county road reconstruction, renovated 30 seat of rural highway bridge.

He wanted to buy a complete sand making machine, used for processing the cobble gravel aggregate, provide various specifications for the construction of the project. We know that the cobble is a hard, wear resistant material, crushing, screening, sand and so on a series of process into a river after egg sand can be used in various fields, is an important industrial mineral raw materials, has been widely used as a concrete aggregate.HeLuanShi processing:

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first chunks of HeLuanShi raw materials by vibrating feeder evenly, continuously fed into the jaw of rough crusher; crushing after cobble is feed to cone crusher, crushing in; then after fine crushing material conveying to the sand in sand, we plastic; then using the vibration sieve treated River egg sand screening treatment, sorting out a variety of different specifications, meet the requirements of particle size as the final product, do not meet the requirements of particle size is returned to the sand making machine with a layer of the re processing.

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