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Is the Tractor Mounted Peanut Harvester For Ridge forming Land used?

Tractor Mounted Peanut Harvester For Ridge forming Land are commonly used in agricultural production today, but how much do you know about their specific use? Today, Aike will tell you about it.

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The equipment is mainly equipped with small tractors, and the harvested peanut stalks are directly fed into the peanut picking machine by a full feeding type, and the peanuts and cockroaches are automatically separated and separated by the rotation of the machine. The separated peanuts fall onto the vibrating screen and are transported to the side of the fuselage. The mixed leaves and weeds are simultaneously blown to the outside by the fan, and the remaining crucible is discharged from the discharge port. In this process, the peanut breakage rate is lower than 1%, processed peanuts are clean and complete, processed peanuts, clean, without peanuts, leaves, branches and other fruit breaking rate is less than 1%. The set of products is simple and flexible to operate, easy to use, and has a low breakage rate. It is excellent in reducing the labor workload of farmers’ friends, that is, saving labor, saving time and effort, and high work efficiency.


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