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Introduction to the advantages of 4.5 inches grinding wheel

The electroplated diamond 4.5 inches grinding wheel has excellent wear resistance and high temperature performance, high grinding efficiency and no scratches. Therefore, the electroplated diamond grinding wheel is widely used for grinding of automobiles, bearings, molds and jewels. The grinding effect is very good and smooth. Shining is an excellent variety of grinding products.

First, the plating process of the electroplated 4.5 inches grinding wheel is simple, the investment is small, and the manufacturing is convenient.

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Second, the electroplated diamond grinding wheel does not need to be trimmed and is convenient to use.

Third, the single-layer structure determines that it can reach a very high working speed, and has been as high as 250-300 m/s abroad.

Fourth, although the electroplated diamond wheel has only a single layer of diamond, it still has a sufficient life.

Fifth, for 4.5 inches grinding wheel with high precision requirements, electroplating is the manufacturing method.

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