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Introduction of ice and Wheat Electric Motor Mounted Rice Milling Machine Price?

When many users buy products, they not only value the performance of the products, but many users pay more attention to the price of the products when purchasing. So how much do you know about the Rice and Wheat Electric Motor Mounted Rice Milling Machine Price? Today, Aike will tell you about some of the performance characteristics of this product.

High efficiency, high degreasing rate, low breaking rate, double drum design, higher efficiency.

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The main structure of fully automatic feeding corn thresher:

Collection device: collecting corn cobs that are initially aired

Conveyor: Transfer the collected corn cobs to the detachment device

Threshing device: separating corn kernels and corn cobs

Separation and cleaning device: The mesh screening secondary cleaning device separates the corn kernels from the corn cobs, and the suction device removes the light particles therein.

Auxiliary devices: including clutch devices, transmission devices, safety devices, etc.


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