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Introduction and use construction waste crusher

construction waste crusher using vibration motor three-dimensional movement, spring and vibration body through a construction waste crusher is transferred to a construction waste crusher 3D motion. By changing the vibration motor phase angle to achieve the weight of the material in the sieve surface movement, so as to achieve the sieving, removing impurities, the purpose of filtering.

Recently, from the Ji’nan construction waste crusher manufacturers learned, construction waste crusher has the following characteristics in the use of the process: the first is to replace the network convenient, only a few minutes. The box body adopts a fully enclosed structure, and fast beam loop design, is a kind of high precision subdivision screening machine. The second is the power of the motor, so that the horizontal, vertical, the three dimensional dynamic tilt more prominent. Although the power is big, the noise is low.

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The third point is a wide range of material sieving material, both dry and wet, fine and coarse, heavy and light, as long as can be found in the 0-400 target range and screening, even if the material is a liquid or slurry as long as relaxed in 600 meshes sieve. The fourth point is the device is equipped with a professional net cleaning device, in the process of screening material basically does not produce screen blocking phenomenon, greatly improving the sieve machine sieving yield and efficiency of screening.

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