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Increasing Divorce Rate in the UK

Marriage is one of the most sacred and intimate bonds that we humans share. It is a bond that is created by religion and by society. Even the most distant tribes have rituals and practices that honour this this relationship. There are several examples in the ancient civilizations and mythical stories of marriage being treated as a serious institution and that it was blessed by god.
Divorce at the same time is also an age old practice. Ancient kings, queens, lords and even commoners are known to divorce their partners and get married again. So when we put these both elements together in a particular society and compare then we should remember the religious, cultural, financial and social background. Divorce rates have increased around the world in the past century or so in general. Depending on the various aspects the percentage and the numbers vary though.
Steep in the UK:
The divorce rate in whole of Europe was on a high during the 1990s. Divorce lawyers London suggest that it was a shocking fact prevailing across the continent and the Western World in general. But as years passed they rate seems to become stable. In the past few years though there is slow inclination towards divorce again. In the UK specifically, the growth rate is almost 3% per 1000 citizens every year which is pretty alarming. The society, government and the religious institutions need to find out the reasons and also find solutions.
Common Reasons:
It is not possible to pin point any one or two reasons why the divorce rate in the UK is on the rise. But in general there are a few common factors which could be influencing the modern generation. Divorce solicitors London with a waste experience in handling various kinds of cases, should be able to throw more light in this matter.
1. Infidelity: people in a wed lock no more feel obligated to the person they are married. Relationship outside a marriage is basically the top reason for divorce.
2. Freedom: Each individual has the right to live a life according to his wish. But when it comes to being compatible and adjusting your life to have a happy married life, many people fail. Due to such differences people opt to break the wed lock.
3. Finances: it is a shocking fact which is brought forth by divorce solicitors London that people appeal for divorce purely to get financial benefits from the other person.
4. Abuse: Even in the modern society where women walk and work shoulder to shoulder to men, abuse in marriages is increasing. Physically, sexually, emotionally and financially women are abused which forces them to appeal for divorce.
5. A light attitude: One of the most trivial reasons for divorce according to divorce lawyers London is that people do not have a serious attitude towards marriage. Walking out on each other and breaking the wed lock has become a light as quitting jobs or changing house.
With many other internal reasons for divorce, the concerned authorities should at least stop those divorces which are baseless. Lot of understanding, counselling and patience will prove to be of some help.

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