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In which areas does the free sample cutting disc apply?

Free sample cutting disc is now an important cutting device and is now widely used in our production. Although many people have a certain understanding of it, in which areas is the free sample cutting disc specifically applied? I will give you a brief introduction today.

The cutting disc refers to the abrasive working layer of the outer ring of the grinding wheel, and the central part is a high-strength rigid metal material, also called an outer ring-shaped cutting piece. Generally, it is slightly thicker and has good rigidity. It is mostly used for cutting and grooving of medium and large depth of cut. The bonding agent mainly includes two types of metal (M) and resin (B). Today, I will tell you about the main applications of this diamond cutting blade.

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Cutting discs are used to cut carbide rods, glass (such as glass tube cut), quartz, ceramic materials, magnetic materials, semiconductors, printed circuit boards. Also used in the manufacturing of tools, bearings, molds, precision ceramics, polycrystalline diamonds, electro-optics, jewelry, footwear, furniture, cutting tools, etc. And the cutting technology is good, so it is now popular and used by users.

The above is some of the application areas for cutting discs that we are introducing to you. I hope that we can help you better use the cutting discs and choose the cutting equipment that is more suitable for you.



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