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Impact prevention noise countermeasures

Impact prevention measures against noise: Impact can be divided into Construction Waste Crusher, medium crusher and fine crusher. In general, the material processed by the grinding machine is finer, and the grain size of the product is fine, reaching 0. 074 mm, even smaller. The structural feature is that the crushing parts (or media) come in contact with each other, and the medium used is a steel ball, a steel bar, a gravel, or a mineral block.

It is a very important issue in the current industrial sector to Construction Waste Crusher the noise generated during work breaks and how to effectively prevent noise from protecting the surrounding environment. The sound of counterattacking broken equipment is the sound from raw materials and metal or metal impact. These arpeggios are compared with other mechanical arbors (such as the noise of gears and other reciprocating motions), the noise level is high, and the frequency fluctuates greatly.

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We sum up this situation and analyze specific measures: 1. As far as possible to achieve the automation of impact, after the automation of the mechanical equipment can be carried out unmanned operation, not only can improve the working conditions but also closed the factory to prevent the spread of noise . 2. The selection of the installation site should be emphasized in the impact of the voice, and in addition to the limits of the provisions of the noise prevention regulations, it is also necessary to consider whether there are sound buildings, noise directions, and other circumstances around it. Reasonably arranged. 3. As far as possible, the noise-generating machinery should be concentrated, and the installation and installation of the noise-producing crushing equipment should be as reasonable and centralized as possible. Make the installation of the equipment as much as possible and develop into space.

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