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I am Chris Dorner by Stephen T. Jones

Chris DornerI really didn’t want to write about Chris Dorner but I really felt compelled to give a voice to the next Chris Dorner. We are have problems we all have challenges and I believe the main reason for community is to help one another. This morning at Starbucks the day after Chris Dorner died I over heard two women talking about how they were rooting him on. They went on to say that they felt he got a raw deal and they believed him. I kind of understand what they were saying but once we start killing people that is where we go wrong no matter the situation. I am not here to point blame or judgement although I do feel if I knew him I could of helped him before it got to this point. In this VIDEO I engage the ideas “IF you met the 8 year old Hitler today, what would you tell him or her?” Here are some ideas to help you be there for family, friends and strangers.

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  • Listen I can remember times in my life when I was about to go crazy and it just took one person listening to got me back on track.
  • Understand that we all have our breaking point and be willing that we listen to the signs that are staring us in our face. Avoiding thinking that he or she is this race, they are a Christian or they are a good student they would never do that. This clouds our intuition and gets in the way of helping the greater community.
  • In my experience people only want to help victims or someone who can help them. Lets take homeless people if you clean them up or put them in a suit other people will less likely to give them money. It is the opposite if you take a good looking or smart person most of use can’t get our mind around the fact that they need help.
According to Bullock, Hitler was an opportunis...

According to Bullock, Hitler was an opportunistic adventurer devoid of principles, beliefs or scruples. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WE ALL NEED HELP, some more than others challenge yourself and your community to help one another. Does this make sense? Think about a time when you we able to go off your script and help someone without wanting anything in return? Think and feel about people in your life right now that could use your help? If you need let people know before you get to your breaking point there is nothing wrong with asking for help.

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