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How to use the T41 4 inches cutting disc size?

Some users buy cutting discs for cutting products, but some users can’t use cutting discs very well after purchase. There are always some problems in this way, such as how to handle the stone when cutting the cutting stone. Sewing, the following is a T41 4 inches cutting disc size as an example to show you how to use the cutting disc equipment.

Everyone knows that the cutting of stone generally needs to be done with the cutting piece in the machine. When cutting the stone with the cutting disc, it is necessary to know that the seam processing is not good, and it is easy to cause the stone damage during the later use.

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Determine the width of the stone to be cut, select the suitable cutting disk, and then confirm the thickness of the stone to adjust the height of the cutting plate; then use the wooden line to pull the line, the cutting machine cuts the stone seam is, if the cutting surface has jagged scratches, please Immediately replace the cutting disc, use the vacuum cleaner to clean the garbage, and then use a semi-wet towel to remove the dust. After waiting for about half an hour, you can fill the seam with the adjusted stone sealant. The seaming method of the cutting disc is often said. Slot treatment and seamless processing.

Cutting and seaming are a common process encountered in stone installation and grinding renovation. If you want to handle the stone joints, you must strictly follow the construction procedures to make the stone evenly level when installing or renovating.

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