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How to use high quality cutting disc for sale?

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The high-quality cutting disc feed speed is the feed rate of the sawed stone. Its size affects the sawing rate. The force of the saw blade and the heat dissipation of the sawing area. Its value should be based on the nature of the stone being sawed. In general, sawing the softer stone, such as marble, can increase the feed speed appropriately. If the feed speed is too low, it is more conducive to improve the sawing rate. Today’s high quality cutting disc for sale by manufacturers Aurora. Abrasives to introduce you to the use of cutting discs.
Sawing fine-grained structure. Comparing homogeneous granite, it can increase the feed speed appropriately. If the feed speed is too low, the diamond blade is easy to be flattened. However, the coarse-grained structure and the hard and uneven granite are sawed. When the stone is used, the cutting speed of the cutting piece should be reduced, otherwise, the vibration of the saw blade will cause the diamond to break and reduce the sawing rate. The cutting speed of the sawing granite is generally selected within the range of 9m~12m/min.
Periodically applying the surface of the grinding wheel with a certain pressure with polyfluoromethane or molybdenum sulfide can form a film with a low coefficient of friction on the contact surface to improve the grinding state. This type of material can be seen as a solid lubricant or as another form of wheel filling.

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