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How to solve the ball mill fault?

Grinding machine is the base ball mill spare parts, ball mill is grinding ball mill equipment material medium, through the collision between the ball and material between ball mill ball grinding mill strip, ball mill ball played important role in mineral processing industry, no ball mill ball, there would be no ball mill, two kinds of interdependence, save for an overall, ball mill are able to work well, ball mill is mainly due to the internal steel ball can work well. Phenomenon of grinding ball mill at work in viscosity is very normal, if energy-saving ball mill, the phenomenon of the glue grinding at work, first of all, we don’t worry, to analyze the change of ore properties, and water to the amount of ore, sand return amount, the overflow particle size is normal, after find the reason, we should suit the remedy to the case, find the right processing method, the following is my company according to the years of production experience and summed up by the way, the user feedback for reference:

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(1) first, we need to adjust water consumption. The use of grinding concentration must be strictly controlled, too big or too small will produce adverse effect. Strong through high, pulp activity slow, weak, at the same time, the grinding medium impact of overflow type ball mill, its ore granularity coarsens, while grid ball mill can stick on the ground.

There was a stick grinding (2), another take measures is to reduce the energy saving ball mill for ore or in a short period of time to stop to mine. So can reduce the work load of ball mill, in order to reduce the amount of ore through.

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