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How to reduce the phenomenon of super thin 115mm cutting disc falling off?

When it comes to cutting films, many people are now familiar with them, because nowadays in daily production, cutting pieces are used more and more. However, for some users who have not used or just touched the cutting blade industry, sometimes the cutting piece will fall off. Some people may not know this situation very well. Today, the aurora abrasive tool is cut with a super thin 115mm cutting disc. For example, let’s briefly introduce how to reduce the shedding of the cutting piece.

The general principle of hardness selection for super thin 115mm cutting disc is: to grind hard materials, soft-grinding discs should be used to maintain good “self-sharpness”, improve the service life of slicing, reduce cutting force and grinding heat; When softening the material, the hard grinding wheel should be used, which can keep the sharp edge of the abrasive grain sharper for a long time, which is good for cutting. The details are as follows:

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  1. When grinding non-ferrous metal workpieces with high toughness, sharpening tools, grinding thin-walled parts and materials with blocked grinding discs, softer sections should be used; super-soft sections should be selected for mirror grinding.

2, the workpiece material is the same, longitudinal grinding and plunge grinding, peripheral grinding and end grinding, cylindrical grinding and inner circle, plane grinding, wet grinding in dry grinding, fine grinding in rough grinding, intermittent surface grinding For cutting and continuous surface grinding, the former must use a slice that is harder than the latter.

  1. High-speed, high-precision grinding, steel blank grinding, workpiece deburring, etc., should choose harder slices.

In general, it is required to have a high efficiency, a large surface roughness value, a large contact surface between the slice and the workpiece, or a slicing of the workpiece to the level of the workpiece, a large toughness of the workpiece material, and a large elongation, and a larger part should be selected when processing the thin-walled workpiece. Granularity; conversely, processing materials with high hardness, brittleness, and tight structure; when fine grinding, forming grinding, or high-speed grinding, smaller particle size should be selected.


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