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How to prolong the service life of cement vertical mill?

To prolong the service life of cement vertical mill is an important method to prolong the service life of cement vertical mill, so it is very important for the maintenance and maintenance of cement stand.. We believe that to extend the  vertical  roller mill  grinding roller and grinding disc, a lining plate life, we must start from the following five aspects, actively do a good job in all aspects of maintenance work.

(1) the choice of the material shall be appropriate. Different materials between grinding roller, grinding disc and liner wear degree each are not identical, material impurities, high hardness, wear parts wear effect is relatively large, such as material moisture content increases, the wear-resistant parts wear will have increased significantly, so the choice of appropriate materials is necessary.

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(2) feed quantity to be uniform. According to the raw material hard fit the size of the particle size, usually, the hard material diameter in the 3 cm below the ideal.

(3) metal is forbidden to enter cement.. When necessary in raw materials before grinding with iron remover, lest the metal material out of cement mill damage related spare parts.

(4) the wearing parts in time for repair and replacement. Maintenance and overhaul, open the shell to move and timely replacement of wearing parts; in before driving should be dynamic disk spindle, check the machine have no abnormal sound, found that the problem should be timely treatment, must not be let to stop the operation of equipment.

(5) the maintenance of a roller bearing within the roller sleeve. Especially the replacement of cement vertical mill grinding roller of roller sleeve, the rolling bearing cleaning, and timely replacement of damaged parts.

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