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How to plant China Garlic Seeder Equipment?

China Garlic Seeder Equipment is a kind of garlic sowing equipment that is commonly used nowadays, and it is also the first choice for many users of seeding equipment, then

Do you know what the seeding method of the garlic planter is? Let me tell you today.

A garlic planter and a seeding method thereof are provided to reduce the manufacturing cost of the garlic planter and improve the reliability of use.

A garlic planter includes: a frame, a silo, and a seeding assembly, the silo and the seeding assembly being disposed on the frame; the seeding assembly including a mounting bracket, a feeder, a guiding module, and a plurality Seeder

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The feeder includes two rotating blocks, and the two rotating blocks are oppositely arranged and rotatably mounted on the mounting bracket, and opposite sides of the two rotating blocks are provided with tapered notches, and the two cones Forming a funnel structure, wherein a bottom portion of the rotating block is provided with a downwardly extending protrusion for driving the two rotating blocks to be driven by the seeder colliding, The feeder further includes a synchronizing mechanism for controlling the synchronous reverse rotation of the two rotating blocks.

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