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How to make the T41 4 inches cutting disc size fine?

The T41 4 inches cutting disc size is made from silicon carbide using modern and unique process technology. Polishing the cutting disc has the characteristics of short grinding time, high efficiency, good efficiency and low price. So how do you make the cutting disc more delicate when used?

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  1. The matte effect of deoxidizing the copper workpiece;
  2. Stainless steel surface decontamination, de-slag removal and matt effect;
  3. Aluminum workpiece descaling, surface strengthening, glazing;
  4. Special fabrics such as denim, plush processing and effect patterns;
  5. Iron workpieces are rusted, decontaminated, descaled, and the coating and coating adhesion are increased;
  6. Glass products crystal frosted, engraved patterns, matt effect of plastic products.

The cutting piece has moderate hardness, high toughness, good self-sharpness, low sand consumption, recycling and recycling, good smoothness of the grinding parts, stable chemical composition, wear resistance and acid and alkali resistance. The shell-like fracture, sharp corners, can form new edges and edges in the continuous crushing and classification, making it better than other abrasives.

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