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How to maintain High-Quality Multi-function Mini Rice Wheat Crop Grain Reaper Binder

In order to better use and maintain the High-Quality Multi-function Mini Rice Wheat Crop Grain Reaper Binder, first let us understand the internal structure of the grain harvester, mainly composed of the clamping device, guide rod, frame, transmission system, etc. During the operation, the crop grain is manually arranged and placed on the feeding stand neatly, and then pushed horizontally to the feeding inlet of the holding conveyor chain, and the crop grain is conveyed forward by the clamping conveyor chain and the conveying guide.

  1. The harvester should fill the oil injection points in time before work to ensure that the running parts are fully lubricated.
  2. The working length of each row of seed wheels is equal and the displacement is consistent. The harvester adjustment mechanism is flexible, and there must be no sliding or air movement.
  3. The disc opener disc is flexible to rotate, and must not be shaken, and does not rub against the opener body.
  4. Before and after work, work should clean the soil of all parts of the planter, paying special attention to removing dirt and oil on the transmission system.
  5. After each shift, the harvester should be parked in a dry, covered shed. When parking in the open air, the fertilizer box should be tightly closed. When the container is parked, the opener is lowered, and the support is lowered to stabilize the body so that unnecessary load is reduced on the frame of the harvester.
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