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How to improve the workpiece rotation speed during cbn grinding wheel cutting

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When the cbn grinding wheel is used for cutting, the workpiece rotation speed is increased, and the workpiece size is poorly discontinuous. The hardness of the selected grinding wheel is too large: replace the grinding wheel of appropriate hardness. The 14 inches cutting disc has a shock pattern on the outside. The feed is too large: reduce the feed. The grinding wheel is hard: reduce the hardness. Speed up the dressing. The grinding wheel is not flattened: the grinding wheel is re-trimmed to the machine: to check the vibration of the machine and the surrounding environment. The continuity of the common workpiece size is relatively poor. The hardness of the selected grinding wheel is too low: replace the grinding wheel of appropriate hardness. Long-life end face grinding resin cbn grinding wheel. After grinding, the surface roughness of the workpiece is relatively poor. The speed of the workpiece is too slow: speed up the workpiece. The coolant is not well filtered: check that the filter system that adjusts the coolant is normal. The feed rate is too large: the feed rate is appropriately slowed down. The grinding wheel speed is too low: adjust the rotation speed of the grinding wheel. Grinding wheel is not in place: adjust or replace the cbn wheel dresser to re-trim. The high quality cutting disc supplier particle size is not matched: replace the matching grinding wheel.
The unique properties of superhard materials have been exploited from time to time, with the advancement of science and technology in China. The technical level of super-hard data products has been improved from time to time, and the application fields have expanded from time to time. The super-hard data products industry has become an indispensable part of the national economy and national defense construction. With the increasing naiveness of cbn grinding wheel technology and the rapid take-off of China’s economy, the country has accumulated more and more progress in the manufacturing technology of cbn grinding wheel tools, and has strong manufacturing capabilities.

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