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How to Improve the Utilization Rate of Flotation Equipment?

Now society everywhere embodies the intelligence, flotation equipment is not exceptional also, in the intelligent community, how to improve flotation equipment utilization become issues of common concern to mineral processing industry.

XJ(XJK,A) flotation cell

In case of oxidation in the process of flotation equipment in ore dressing is deeper, may appear flotation deteriorates, so what is causing deterioration of flotation?

First, mineral generated on the surface of the oxide film of single phase, thanks to new facies original mineral crystal lattice constant is different, the lack of a strong, easy to fall off, the flotation machine groove which yellow medicine cannot be firmly in the mineral surface adsorption.

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Second, the depth of oxidation complicate of ion flotation pulp inside machine, sulfur, oxygen anion increased significantly, compete with xanthate anion adsorption; Metal cation concentration increase, the mineral surface pollution, reduce the flotation selectivity. Thus, it is very important to control in the flotation system of REDOX. Practice shows that the strength of the gas mixing in flotation machine work and duration is one of the important factors of flotation operation control. In addition, improve the dressing process by adjusting the structure, such as stage grinding, realized the individual treatment, shorten the time of the ore processing, etc., can also limit or prevent excessive oxidation ore.

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