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How to Disassemble the Jaw Crusher?

The most frequent repair workload for Ore Milling Equipment is changing the thrust plate. When to disassemble thrust plate, for such a jaw crusher whose connecting rod is an integral whole, we must firstly screw out the damper bolts, cut off the dry oil lubricating pipe, suspend the thrust plate on a crane lifting hook or other lifting equipment, then loosen the springs on an end of the horizontal connecting rod and pull the moving jaw to the fixed jaw direction, and finally take out the thrust plate. If you want to take out the rear thrust plate, we should pull the connecting rod together with the front thrust plate and the moving jaw open, and next to take out the rear thrust plate.

After removing the thrust plate, only by cutting off the thin oil lubricating pipe and cooling water pipe, setting up a support under the connecting rod, and then unloading the connecting rod cover, can we hoist out the connecting rod.

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The main spindle should be removed together with the belt pulley and flywheel. Move the motor belt together with the belt along the slippery close to the crusher as far as possible, and proceed to remove the v-belt. Then, hoist the spindle with crane.

In order to remove the moving jaw, we must cut off the dry oil lubricating pipe in advance, remove the pull rod, unload the bearing cover, and next to drag out the moving jaw with a crane or other lifting equipment.

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