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How to determine the speed adjustment of vertical mill?

Is building the with grinding of R & D and production technology, so now on the market to adapt to the vertical roller mill operation has high efficiency, and simple production process, the new production equipment need to install, every time before using the boot in, the parameters of which is adjustable to ensure correct production results.

Vertical mill for material grinding process, the speed determined will decide the efficiency and fineness, and these two aspects are and the final production efficiency has a great relationship, so in the practical application, the speed regulation is very important, here is to introduce the the how to adjust the speed.

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Speed is too high or too low, have a direct impact on the vertical mill, when low speed, grinding body lifting height, downward rolling and sliding, at this time, no enough impact crushing material, its capacity will be relatively low, if the speed is too fast, the grinding body under the action of centrifugal force, can not be separated from the mill wall. The results with the equipment rotating together and not falling, can not play the role of impact and abrasive materials, also the two will impact on the finished product fineness.

Before each boot into production, we must adjust the speed, adjust the time to pay attention to the efficiency and fineness of the combination, so as to ensure the most reasonable production status.

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