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How to classify the Flotation equipment?

Froth flotation cell has a variety of models, we common flotation equipment include: BF type flotation machine, SF type flotation machine, JJF type flotation machine and KYF type flotation machine, and so on. So why flotation equipment is divided into so many models? Each model and what kind? Xin hai flotation equipment experts explain for you is how to classify flotation equipment.

JJF Floatation, Wemco Floatation

According to the different methods of aeration and mixing, flotation equipment can be roughly divided into mechanical agitator, air precipitation induced inflatable, inflatable and four categories.

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First, the mechanical agitation type flotation equipment. This kind of flotation equipment and can be divided into two kinds, respectively is gas mixing and stirring self-priming. First of all we have to get to know air mixing type flotation machine, it is by rotating impeller and low pressure gas mixing of slurry, fully mixing of slurry, dispersed bubble is produced. In addition, we have to get to know self-priming type flotation machine, stir it stir pulp by rotating impeller, main is to use the local formation of the negative pressure zone, from the slot suction air outside, depending on the turbulent crushing effect and produce bubbles. SF type flotation machine is stirring self-priming flotation machine.

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