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How to choose the grinding wheel cutting piece

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For the production and manufacturing process of the industry, it is necessary to use certain production materials. At this time, the use of the cutting piece will be very important, but we need to grasp certain methods in the process of use, choose some Quality products can help us to use them better, so do you know their selection skills and the corresponding selection methods?
The main methods include:
1, the harder the workpiece, the softer the aluminum flat cutting disc is, the softer the workpiece is, the harder the selected grinding wheel is;
2, the larger the contact surface between the grinding wheel and the workpiece, the softer the grinding wheel is selected, and vice versa, the grinding wheel with high hardness is selected;
3. When grinding and forming grinding, a harder grinding wheel should be selected to maintain the necessary shape accuracy of the grinding wheel;
4, the end face grinding and the circumferential grinding should choose a softer grinding wheel;
5. Under the same grinding conditions, the hardness of the resin bond grinding wheel is 1~2 lower than that of the ceramic bond grinding wheel;
6, the larger the grinding wheel, in order to avoid the grinding wheel is blocked by the grinding debris, generally choose a softer grinding wheel;
7, grinding with coolant is 1~2 lower than the hardness of the grinding wheel when dry grinding;
8, grinding workpieces with poor thermal conductivity should choose a softer grinding wheel;
9. When the grinding wheel rotates at a high speed, the hardness of the grinding wheel can be softly 1~2.
10. When grinding soft and tough non-ferrous metals, the hardness should be selected to be softer.
Nowadays, with the continuous development and progress of economic technology, it also drives our industrial production level and progress. In the process of industrial production and production, sometimes it is necessary to carry out certain tools to polish and manufacture. The use of abrasive tools is very necessary, so what should be paid attention to during the process of their storage? The grinding wheel should be stored flat, try not to tilt, and do not let it be deformed by pressure. The grinding wheel is used for storage. Tide the wooden pallet to check out, avoid direct contact with the ground, the ground should be 10-15 cm, the highest height cannot exceed 1 m. During the process of transporting the grinding wheel, the flat cutting disc on sale should not be subjected to strong vibration and impact, avoiding Cracks, broken and variable gaps, leaving a hidden danger to use.

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