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How to Blacken Galvanized Steel Plate during Cleaning

In the process of cleaning and degreasing, high quality Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheets often appear surface corrosion, blackening or hanging ash. What are the causes of this phenomenon? How to solve and prevent it?

Zinc is an amphoteric metal in non-ferrous metals. The chemical activity of zinc metal is very high. It is easy to be corroded and destroyed under acidic or alkaline conditions, especially in the case of ultrasound. How can we prevent the surface of high quality Galvanized Corrugated Steel plate from being corroded and destroyed during cleaning? The following aspects should be mainly prevented and controlled:

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  1. The cleaning agent for galvanized sheet must select the special cleaning agent for galvanized sheet from neutral to low alkaline, and the acid series cleaning agent must not be used.
  2. Controlling the temperature of the cleaning solution, the cleaning temperature is 25-45 degrees Celsius, preferably not more than 50 degrees Celsius.
  3. If ultrasonic cleaning is used, it is advisable to control the cleaning time within 5 minutes. Long-term ultrasonic cleaning will also cause damage to the galvanized coating.


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