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How is bamboo yarn made?

Most importantly to lovers of this naturally produced fiber, bamboo as a plant is considered environmentally sustainable, as it requires no pesticides to enhance its growth and is one of the most easily replenishable plants in the world, growing swiftly as long as there is a dependable source of water nearby. The products made from bamboo are durable and biodegradable – one of bamboos neatest characteristics. In <a href=””>Consinee Group </a> 15 SPRING SUMMER series products, bamboo is blended with cashmere and cotton which make bamboo yarns more luxurious and comfortable.

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How is bamboo yarn made? Bamboo yarn is created through a distillation and bleaching process that is very similar to how paper products are made from other kinds of trees. The wood and leaves of the bamboo tree are harvested and ground into small parts. These parts are then steeped in a mixture of water and chemicals until they become soft, and then shredded apart until the individual fibers of the bamboo are released and form a pulp. This pulp is easy to manipulate and can be bonded again into many different shapes, but first it must be processed. The pulp is run through several filters that take away unwanted contaminants and unnecessary particles and then put through a bleaching process that turns the pulp white. Once the pulp is whitened, it can be dyed with a variety of different colors, bonded again into long fibers and wound into yarn.

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