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How does the Electric Motor or Diesel Engine Mounted Peanut Picker 400 work?

The Electric Motor or Diesel Engine Mounted Peanut Picker 400 is a mechanical device commonly used in receiving peanuts. Many people have a certain understanding of it, but the users who work in this kind of equipment are not very familiar with it. Today, Aike comes. Let me explain the working process of this kind of equipment:

The automatic bagging peanut picking machine mainly uses the motor as the supporting power, and directly sells the picked peanuts through the conveyor bag.

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Working process: Peanut oysters carrying peanuts are separated into a peanut picking machine by full feeding, and the peanuts and cockroaches are automatically separated by the rotation of the machine to separate. The separated peanuts fall onto the vibrating screen, and the mixed leaves and weeds are simultaneously blown to the outside by the fan, and the remaining crucible is discharged from the discharge port. In the process, the peanut breakage rate is less than 2%, and the processed peanuts are processed. Clean and complete, processed peanuts, clean, without peanuts, leaves, branches and other fruit breaking rate of less than 2%. The set of products is simple and flexible to operate, easy to use, and has a low breakage rate. It reduces the labor workload of farmers’ friends, that is, saves labor, saves time and effort, and has high work efficiency. It is the ideal machine for the majority of farmers to harvest peanuts. Welcome farmers to buy and use.

Motor or diesel dual-use peanut picker Large-scale automatic peanut splitter saves time and labor.



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