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How do You Determine the Ball Mill Ball Size?

Grinding machine for grinding process of steel ball size is very important. All along, the research and development of ball mill workers in to determine ball mill ball size and continuous efforts, however, because of too many parameters, this problem a problem in many factories. Xin sea institute for many years continuously improve research scheme, this problem has made breakthrough progress in the very great degree. Ball mill ball size should be how to determine? We should begin from the following three aspects.

How do You Determine the Ball Mill Ball Size?

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First, determine the ball mill ball ball diameter. First, we need to take a test to determine the ball diameter, specific test method is: selected to calculate the ball mill, commonly used in the production or confirm the working parameters such as the ball rate, transfer rate and pulp density as a fixed value, then according to the experience of steel ball can be divided into several groups, respectively, to test the several groups of steel ball, a group of ball is the best choice of the best grinding ball diameter.

Second, the experience formula of the limitations of the ball size and error

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