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How Do Men Heal From A Broken Heart? by Nina Hilario

the school of fear wants men to grow tough and cool. but we know very well that when men aren’t healed from their emotional hurts, they put up more and more layers of ego disguises (to protect themselves). this creates more hurt. and it has hurt women bad. Men deserve a chance to heal and be Real! We support and applaud our Lovers, Brothers, Fathers, Sons and ALL who are taking the necessary steps! what are your thoughts?!

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my heartfelt love and thanks for your insights. in my lifetime i have been and am the daughter, the sister, the lover, and the “mother” of men with broken hearts. i want to know what helps heal?

This was given to me by Nina she is a Inspirational Author and founder of Exquisite Care Massage and Wellness Co. To find out more about Nina and her team go to

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