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How can Users Remove Faults of Cone Crushers?

There may be many problems or faults occurring during the operating process of Construction Waste Crusher . How to remove these faults will be very important for users to realize the highest efficiency and highest yield in the mining industry.

Here are some useful tips given by our experts which will help users much when they use the cone crusher.

1.When customers are about to start to use the cone crusher they select, they should consider the machine’s technological performance and production capacity according to different specifications.

2.If the crushing cavity is full of minerals or the crusher is choked by too much feed, users should stop feeding materials immediately. After the minerals inside the crushing cavity are crushed completely, more can be fed.

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3.For too wet or too soft minerals, users should decrease the mineral quantity or enlarge the throat size.

4.Once materials that can’t be crushed enter the cone crusher’s cavity, we should shut down the machine immediately and clean the crushing cavity. Usually we recommend users install iron removal device in the front of the cone crusher.

5.Check and adjust carefully the working condition of the cone crusher’s oil pump, cooler, filter and the oil pressure, oil quality and oil return temperature. Make sure that all lubricating system is filled with enough lubricant oil. If necessary, make checking records.

After it is used for some time or it has processed certain tons of minerals, no matter if there is any malfunction or faults occurring, we should let the machine stop for a while and do regular checking.

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