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Hot summer machinery industry

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construction machinery industry downturn in demand into the bottoms of decline due to the fixed asset investment growth, construction machinery sales this year appear landslides, lack of demand will lead the industry into the bottoming phase. After the global financial crisis, driven by four trillion investment, construction machinery industry showed leapfrog development Jaw Crusher In Turkey, production and sales hit a new yearly high. However, this high-growth mode will temporarily stop after, due to the fixed asset investment growth rate down, the decline in volumes of construction machinery products this year, the lack of demand will lead the industry into the bottoming phase.
season sales-loved
place new projects currently very limited, restricted stock of project funds is obvious. April construction machinery sales data fell largely stopped worsening trend, but companies generally reflect demand gradually enter the off-season. May research, not the busy season has become a prominent phenomenon.
based on experience, with the construction projects have started, the annual 3 – April should be construction machinery sales season. But the reality is that part of the sales of construction machinery in March rebounded varieties, but did not focus on the release of downstream demand phenomenon. April sales of the latest data show that construction machinery industry showed ring up double down situation.
through the data can be seen, the impact of macro-control policies have not brought about the disappearance of as fine-tuning or weakened. Earlier this year the credit easing to some extent driven by demand for industrial consumables, showing a quarter of production growth rebound or rise. However, construction machinery downstream industry is still in a relatively weak state, the April data landslide basically declared half sales declined significantly foregone conclusion.
part of the research object reflects the current poor financial chain project has an impact on dealers, leasing customers a large number of idle machinery and equipment and rental prices led to an increase in delinquencies Nigeria Best Stone Crusher Plant Supplier. April, May sales increase was mainly driven by aggressive marketing policy, the real demand is not growing. As the industry a lot of credit sales lead to a substantial decline in the price of rental TAIPAN, dealers proportion of overdue customers have up to 25%.
expect three investment quot; save the farm quot;
for this year’s overall market conditions, the construction machinery industry will depend on the level of demand could gradually improve. Construction machinery market is expected to relax and structural policies will be with fine-tuning, sustained demand, investment gradually put in place, showing a quot; slowly upward quot; pace.
three areas of investment changes will be decided the construction machinery industry boom of the important factors. First, according to the Ministry of Housing targets planned for 2012 7,000,000 new construction of affordable housing units, basically completed 5 million sets, and the current construction of affordable housing in the nearly 10 million sets. In general, the second and third quarter, housing starts accounted for about 65% of the year, will start excavators municipal real estate construction projects and other product sales play a supporting role.
Secondly, the Ministry of Railways in 2011 the debt ratio has been as high as 60.62%, under the impact of tight money in the first quarter of railway fixed assets investment scale than expected, down 51%. In the recently held executive meeting of the State Council, the proposed advance quot; second five quot; scale key projects, to encourage private capital investment, an important part of the railway has become the most obvious benefit of fields. Under the combined effect of a number of support policy, railway construction is expected to ease the financial strain of the bottleneck. Once the railway construction reconstruction project construction speed, to drive sales of construction equipment will be very significant.
addition, water conservancy construction will be an important factor affecting the construction machinery industry. According to the plan, quot; second five quot; 78% during water conservancy construction investment of about 1.8 trillion yuan, is expected this year, about 350 billion yuan investment in water conservancy -4000 million, including construction projects accounted for the total investment.
Overall, the macro-control policies are gradually fermentation makes construction machinery industry differentiation, industry leading enterprises have been hit significantly smaller one hand, large companies completed the initial expansion of overseas markets, ensure a relatively stable performance; On the other hand, in a highly competitive market environment, enterprises through industrial structure, adjust the marketing model to maintain a relatively high level of gross margin.

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