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Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Coil Characteristics

Following the development of the industry, hot dip galvanized steel coil for sale has been applied to many areas. The advantage of hot-dip galvanizing is that it has a long-lasting anti-corrosion period, and it has been a highly anticipated anti-corrosion treatment. Widely used in power towers, communication towers, railways, highway protection, street light poles, marine components, construction of steel structural components, substation subordinate equipment, light industry, etc.

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The hot dip galvanized steel coil for sale has a long-term anti-corrosion period, but the age of anti-corrosion is different in different environments: 13 years in heavy industry, 50 years in the ocean, 104 years in the suburbs, and 30 years in the city.

The principle of hot-dip galvanizing: the iron parts are cleaned and cleaned, then treated with solvent, dried and then immersed in zinc liquid. Iron and molten zinc react to form an alloyed zinc layer.

The thickness of the alloy layer of hot dip galvanized steel coil for sale mainly depends on the chemical composition such as the silicon content of the steel, the cross-sectional area of ​​the steel, the roughness of the steel surface, the temperature of the zinc pot, the time of zinc immersion, the cooling speed, and the cold rolling deformation.

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