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Highlights Granite Aggregate Crushers proper operation and maintenance

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When the roll crusher crushed material will gradually wear roller surface, and for this reason, the material must be in the longitudinal direction of the roller, and regularly supply the crusher. If the material in an irregular manner into the crusher, the roller on the surface of the ring groove, which may affect the particle size of the normal operation of crushing equipment and products may not even displayed. When the feed material is fed into the crusher not only in the even and continuous manner, however, the length of the roll length should be the same.
As the roll surface roll crusher, regular maintenance and repair work is indispensable. Sometimes equipped with a mechanical wheel housings on pure roll <a href=””>granite aggregate crushers and mines pictures</a>, so when there are pits or grooves on the roll surface, there is no need to dismantle the roller surface, but the roll surface grinding and repair directly, and at this time of the overlapping mobile device may need crusher equipment on. Some common roll crusher has a mobile device roll automatic reciprocating axially so that even in the roll surface wear.
When the teeth are worn to a certain extent, broken equipment, workers should be replaced or repaired to prevent the product size is not even, and increased energy consumption and production capacity decreased. After the roller surface is worn, the discharge opening of the material may be increased, it will be necessary to adjust the movable roller. When adjusting the roller, must maintain two parallel rollers. As for the double
<a href=””>small cement brick making machines from china</a> movable roller is mounted on the arm or the hydraulic compensation gear, moving, movable roll, it will automatically ensure that the two parallel rollers. In order to ensure the normal operation of the crusher, must be checked regularly bearing lubrication conditions. Bearing activities, should be added with a grease cup dry oil lubrication and sealing, anti-friction bearings should be added regularly.
Instructions crusher main structure
<a href=””>how much does a gold ore crusher cost</a> main structure including transmission, adjusting, support, feed it into four parts, a description of each structure is as follows:
Transmission Structure: crusher is mainly rely on the triangle were brought drive, mainly consists of motor, bearings, gear, belt composed link belt motor and bearings, belt needs to be checked on a regular basis in order to ensure the reliability of its operation.
Restructuring: mainly on two roller gap adjustment, in order to control the granularity crusher broken. At the same time facilitate the operator to adjust the accuracy and convenience, but also provided with a swap pointers.
The support structure: from the rack, chassis, rod, etc., play a major role in supporting the crusher, crusher to run more smoothly, the lower chassis are loaded with air suspension, and a foundation for mutual connection, ensure crusher run stability.
Feeding structure: feeding structure refers crusher set at the feed inlet to the silo, mainly to control the uniformity of the feedstock, in order to ensure a stable crusher crushing efficiency.

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