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high quality cashmere yarn in China factory

To produce high quality 100% cashmere yarns <a href=””> high quality 100% cashmere yarns </a>, Consinee people pay much attention to the selection of raw materials. The prominent feature of cashmere and other natural fibers is that they are purely natural, which means that nothing artificial should be found in them. They are highly related to the place of origin, transport, production carding, water quality, climate, and environment. To this point, the Consinee people’s first quality control step is to select the raw materials. They will select the place of origin, the carding mill, and the place of origin of high-quality raw materials. Consinee’s cashmere is all from the mountains and cold areas such as Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and Qinghai. Selected by certain professional carding mill, it keeps fine length and diameter, soft-and-smooth hand feeling, high purity, less scurf and foreign fiber and is therefore with better quality.

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