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high intensity magnetic beneficiation machine

beneficiation magnetic separator generally use vertical sensor LGS wet high intensity magnetic separator, the separator is a Shenyang Takamoto Group to develop and promote the efficient, stable, energy-efficient wet magnetic Portable Crusher separation equipment. The main by-turn loop, induction medium iron yoke, excitation coil, pulsating bodies, brackets and out of ore bucket and flush device. Its swivel vertical rotation, chromium stainless steel ring that has the magnetic flux induction media, magnetic media induced a very strong magnetic field induced magnetic field in the background, and then through a high magnetic field induced in the material sorting. To the pulp flow through the gap along the yoke swivels, magnetization, magnetic media surface to form a high gradient magnetic field within the magnetic medium swivel is in strong background magnetic field, the magnetic particles in the slurry will be adsorbed on the surface of the magnetic media , with the swivel rotation was brought to the top of the non-magnetic zone, and then through the wash water will concentrate the magnetic material into the bucket, the non-magnetic particles along the lower yoke gap inflows tailings hopper discharge.
vertical induction high wet high intensity magnetic separator background magnetic field strength, the background magnetic field can reach more than 1T sorting area and uniform distribution of the magnetic field can be achieved sorting area leak points; at low current control, electronically controlled and stable operation, components commonly used devices, ease of maintenance Quarry Crusher; excitation current source control part is sorting the magnetic field strength can be adjusted to achieve optimum separation efficiency; low power consumption machine, transformer isolated, effectively prevent the occurrence of an electric shock, the equipment more secure. LGS wet high intensity magnetic separator advantages of vertical induction machine, so that in many weakly magnetic minerals sorting can be applied.

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