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High Efficiency and Environmental Protection Ultafine Mill

Ultrafine mill is a new kind of superfine material for making power machinery. The size of the feed is 10 ~ 20mm, and the finished product size is between 325-2500 meshes, and the production capacity is 4500 ~7500kg / T. Ultrafine mill is mainly used in the grinding of paint, paper, pigment, cosmetics, chemical products and other industries. It is for processing grinding calcite, limestone, dolomite, talc, kaolin, bentonite, iron ore, barite, gypsum, graphite, phosphate rock and other raw materials.

Ultrafine mill mainly includes: host equipment, powder separator, cyclone dust collector, pulse jet blower, motor, fan, pipe, muffler and so on. The optional equipment includes jaw crusher, hammer crusher, hoist, feeder and control cabinet. In general, ultrafine grinding is made up of lubricating devices, safety devices, and regulating devices.

Ultrafine mill without rolling bearings and screw, so the stability of the equipment is very high, reducing downtime, improve production efficiency.
The grinding chamber does not have a rolling bearing nor a screw rod. Therefore, it does not have bearing and seal wear problems, and there is no screw loosening and damage problems. The lubrication of the main shaft of the superfine grinding mill is external and can be lubricated without stopping. It can do 24 hours without stopping.

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High efficiency and environmental protection, accord with household environmental protection requirement
The equipment uses a relatively new high efficiency pulse dust collector, without dust pollution during operation. The configuration of the muffler and anechoic chamber can reduce environmental noise. SCM series superfine grinding mill is designed and manufactured in accordance with the environmental protection standards of our country. The silencer can effectively reduce dust pollution and noise, reach the environmental protection standards of the family, have little pollution to the surrounding environment, and meet the household environmental standards.

The product is of high fineness and can meet the requirement of fine power
Cage separator can greatly improve the accuracy and fineness of powder, improve the quality of finished products, products with high fineness, ultra-fine finished products can reach 2500 items, that is, 5 microns.

High yield, low energy consumption, increased economic benefits
Its output is 40% higher than jet mill and mixing mill, but the energy consumption is only 3 / 1 of jet. Therefore, it can reduce product consumption and increase efficiency.

Ultrafine Mill:

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