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Corporate Social Media Handbook by Stephen T. Jones

Tony “Mojo” Lucero


MOJO Enterprises

Specializing in 90 Day Transformations

In a world surrounded by what is “reality,” my good friend Steve Jones has eloquently deciphered the raw code of what it takes to make a difference in our fast paced world utilizing the latest buzz…social media.   Whether creating a brand, reconnecting or taking an idea to the masses, Corporate Social Media provides in detail food for thought and action.  If it is information you seek or a desire to capitalize on a movement with major traction, the pages within provide a vehicle that delivers the goods.

I know the power of this medium because I met Steve through a “post” on Facebook I made with regards to some of the work I was doing.  A chat here, a chat there and the next thing you know I am speaking at one of his intimate events.  I can appreciate the power and speed in which people can connect and eventually develop concrete relationships both in business and personal.  Steve’s expertise in social media is evident in the awareness he creates with his projects…simply with a click of mouse.

This book is not only an eye opener…it’s a game changer.  If you become inspired or have input I recommend you share your experiences with Steve at  The world is waiting its time to “connect.”


To connect with Tony…you guessed it, visit him at

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