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Hammer in Impact Crusher

and shape changes because of the crashing and erosion from materials. The edges on the two sides of hammer will be grinded to slippy cambered surface, which will make the atress of surface change. The force on the wear surface is divided into two component forces: one is the normal force vertical with hammer surface; the other is tangential force parallel with the hammer surface. The former has impact function on the hammer of impact crusher; the later brings about cutting and erosion function to hammer surface.

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In the initial stage of hammer working process, impact wear is the major manifestation. When the hammer abrades, the major phenomenon is that metal is removed from the hammer surface due to the erosion and wear, which are the major forms of invalid hammer. Although the impact of material to hammer will bring about work hardening, the impact is not enough to form solid hardened layer on the surface of crusher hammer.

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