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This month an sequel to the legendary movie “Wall Street” is coming to movie theater near you. From the movie that gave us a common business motto that “GREED IS GOOD” and a view of the ugly side of Wall Street. As I am in anticipation of this movie I am hoping that it has some good messages this time around. But instead of putting this in the hands of Hollywood I decided to write this sub-chapter to educate myself and you about money and abundance.

ACKNOWLEDGE GREED– I think in order to create more abundance in our lives we need to acknowledge that greed lives in all of us. Maybe you are  be greedy about money…you may be greedy about getting credit for everything that your team is doing, proving to your children that you are the better parent instead of using that energy to do your best and my favorite always needing to be the center of attention. Once we connect with the greed that is exists we can see it in the world around us.

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CONNECTING WITH GREED– Once we acknowledge greed and what forms it takes with can see that their is also good greed….You are probably saying “Steve, you just lost me that makes no sense” if this is true keep with me you may learn something. Here are some examples of good greed. Being Greedy about how much you love your children, Being Greedy about how much appreciation you give your team and how good that makes you feel and Being Greedy how well you treat the people around you expecting nothing in return. Do I have your attention?

A NEW PARADIGM– Once we can acknowledge and connect with greed we can see the world in a difference light. What if Gordon Gekko in his famous speech would have said that “greed is good and bad” it would have changed the speech, it would have changed the movie and it would changed the message. What can we learn from this? Maybe it is true that we are an average of the top 5 people that we associate with or more importantly that are influencing us on a daily basis. What type of mentors and peers are influencing you?

Steve is a Visionary and Inspirational Speaker that is really starting to find his artistic expression in the world. He is a dreamer that loves to connect with water and waves while taking time to build community ventures and corporate projects. To collaborate with Steve or his team shoot him an e-mail at

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