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grinding wheel

Grinding is also called grinding. Grinding is the machining of the surface of the workpiece with grinding wheels, oilstone and abrasives (particles such as alumina and silicon carbide).
During the grinding process, after the edges of the abrasive grains are blunt, due to the action of the cutting force, they often break or fall off by themselves to reveal a new sharp sharpening. This phenomenon is called the self-sharpening of the grinding wheel. A large amount of heat is generated during the abrasive grinding process, so it is necessary to cool down with a large amount of flowing cooling water.

Due to the multi-blade and self-sharpening characteristics of the China cut off disc and the high cutting speed and the high precision of the grinding machine itself, the precision and surface finish of the workpiece after grinding are very high, and the general grinding accuracy is 1- Level 2, finish up to 7-▽10; precision grinding up to level 1 or above, finish up to 14 levels.

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A machine that uses a grinding wheel is usually called a grinding machine, and a machine that processes with oil stone or abrasive is called a finishing machine. A grinding wheel is a cutting tool that has many fine and extremely hard abrasive particles bonded with a bonding agent. From the point of view of its cutting action, each fine abrasive grain on the surface of the grinding wheel acts as a fine blade, and the grinding process is like cutting a number of fine blades at the same time.

Grinding has a wide range of applications, and almost all surfaces can be machined by grinding, such as inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, inner and outer conical surfaces, various planes, and threads, gears, splines, molding surfaces, and the like. In addition, grinding can process hard materials such as hardened steel and hard alloys that are difficult to machine with general tools. Grinding is generally used as a finishing process for the surface of the part, but it can also be used for roughing operations such as pre-machining and cleaning of the blank.

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