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Grinding wheel grinding dosage attention matters

There are many things to be aware of the grinding amount of diamond grinding wheel. It has always been a problem that everyone is discussing. In the grinding grinding amount, the diamond grinding wheel does not know how to properly select the China supply 7″ cut off disc grinding amount of the diamond grinding wheel. In this way, the efficiency can be improved on the one hand, and the wear damage to the grinding wheel can be reduced on the other hand.

First, what is the grinding amount of the grinding wheel? The grinding amount usually refers to the grinding depth t, the grinding speed , and the grinding amount of the diamond grinding wheel should be determined according to the productivity, the roughness of the workpiece, the grinding method, the characteristics of the grinding wheel, etc.

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Diamond wheel grinding wheel grinding How to choose the appropriate grinding wheel grinding wheel.

(1) Grinding depth: the grinding depth is small, otherwise the grinding wheel wears quickly and the grinding efficiency is not necessarily high. Recommendation: Generally, the 0.005~0.01 mm/oxygen stroke is suitable. The finer the abrasive grain size, the smaller the grinding depth should be, especially when the coolant is not used.

(2) Grinding speed of diamond grinding wheel: The grinding wheel speed is low, the grinding wheel wear will be serious, the productivity is low; the grinding wheel speed is too high, the sharpness of the abrasive cutting edge is reduced, and the surface speed roughness decreases as the grinding wheel speed increases. However, grinding tremor should be prevented. Flat grinding: vs=25~30m/s; external grinding: vs=12~25m/; internal grinding: vs=12~15m/s; tool grinding: vs=12~20m/s

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