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Grinding wheel equipment

1. Dust removal equipment
The dust-removing grinder is mainly used by enterprises as a sharpening tool, and it can also grind, deburr and clean ordinary small parts. According to the structure and grinding characteristics of the single grinder, the dust collecting shroud is directly connected to the matched filter dust collector, and the bag dust can be removed, and the dust removal efficiency can reach 9 or more. When the grinding work is large, a cyclone separator should be installed. Better guarantee dust collector performance and reduce filter loss.7″ cut off disc for stainless steel
When the equipment is started, the grinder and the dust collector should be started at the same time. The dust particles generated by the grinding of the workpiece enter the settling chamber under the negative pressure suction of the fan, and the dust of the large particles and heavy particles falls directly into the dust collecting drawer. The fine dust enters the filter chamber with the airflow. When passing through the filter bag, the dust adheres to the surface of the filter bag, and the purified gas flows into the clean room through the fan, and is discharged into the atmosphere after being silenced.

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2. Grinding wheel finishing equipment
Grinding wheel dressing is the improvement of the shape and roughness of the grinding wheel after the grinding wheel has been working for a period of time, making it suitable for the process technology of continuing work. When repairing the side wall of the grinding wheel, the trimming knife and the side of the grinding wheel are placed at a certain angle. After the grinding wheel is opened, the repairing knife is slow.
Slowly approach the grinding wheel, and move the knife evenly around the left and right. When the grinding wheel is used up, set the dresser to the center of the grinding wheel, and then slowly raise the grinding wheel until the knife is finished on the grinding wheel.

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