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grinding wheel cutting and flame cutting work like this

The grinding wheel cutting machine drives the thin-plate grinding wheel to rotate at a high speed by a motor, and cuts the steel slab by manually moving it up and down. The grinding wheel needs to be cut on the grinding wheel cutter.

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cut off disc for stainless steel has no similar restrictions
The grinding wheel cutter can cut metal blanks of any hardness up to 40mm in diameter. The grinding wheel is characterized by high productivity and flat cutting section; however, the loss of the thin grinding wheel is large, the working conditions of the workers are poor, and good ventilation equipment is required.
Flame cutting is also called gas cutting. The principle is to use a gas cutter or a common welding torch to locally heat the steel to a melting temperature with an oxygen gas stream to gradually melt it. It is mainly used for large-section cutting of large billets and forgings (the thickness of the cutting section can reach more than 1500mm), and  the 7” cut off disc for metal can also be used for cutting the large die forgings produced in small batches. The core of the flame cutting is heating. When determining the final forging temperature, it is necessary to ensure that the steel has sufficient plasticity before final forging, and that the forging can obtain good structural properties. The final forging heating is divided into flame heating and electric heating, and the thermal energy is transmitted to the surface of the blank by convection and radiation, and then the metal blank is heated by heat conduction from the surface to the center.

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