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Grinding wheel abrasive range

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First, an example of the abrasive parameters is given. Taking SPA 400100127 A 60 L 5 B 35 as an example, SPA stands for shape code, 400 stands for outer diameter, 100 stands for thickness, A stands for abrasive, 60 stands for particle size, and L stands for hardness. 5 represents the organization number, B represents the binder, and 35 represents the highest working line speed m/s. Among them,thin abrasive cutting disc for metal the codes of different abrasives are mainly summarized.
Brown corundum code A, color brown, high hardness, high toughness, low price, wide application. Suitable for grinding, self-grinding and rough grinding of ordinary steel. It can also grind metals with high tensile strength, such as ordinary grinding, cutting and free grinding of carbon steel, alloy steel, malleable cast iron and hard green barley.
White corundum code WA, white color, hardness is higher than brown corundum, low toughness, good grinding performance, small grinding heat. It is suitable for general grinding of workpieces with high strength and high hardness such as hardened steel and high speed steel. It can also be used for machining of threads, gears and thin-walled parts.
Ming Gangyu code, color pink or rose red, sharp grain cutting edge, good shuttle angle retention, high durability, higher toughness than white corundum. It is suitable for precision grinding of forming grinding, tools, measuring tools, instrument parts, threaded parts, etc.,as well as other high-gloss surface finishes.
Green silicon carbide, code GC, color green, high hardness is second only to boron carbide and diamond, brittle, sharp grain, thermal conductivity. Suitable for grinding hard alloys, optical glass, ceramics, precious stones, agate and other hard and brittle materials.
Black silicon carbide, code C, black color, higher hardness than corundum, high brittleness and low toughness. Suitable for processing metal and non-metal materials with low tensile strength, such as. Cast iron, brass, aluminum, stone, wood, glass, porcelain, refractory, rubber, leather, plastic, etc.
High-hard type has synthetic diamond, colorless transparent or yellowish, high hardness and brittle, mainly hard and brittle material, optical glass. Cubic boron nitride, coded NBC, is black or light white, with good wear resistance and low wear. It is suitable for Grinding hard hot alloys.

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